Monthly Archives: May 2012

Last 2 weeks

Here (Villefranche sur Mer) we are at 2 weeks from leaving to Corsica, the other participants will join us around the 17th of June to start the experiment!! We have to build the nine mesocoms and prepare the laboratories before everyone arrives.

From June 4th to 19th the LOV team has to: install the anchors (the mesocosms are fixed to the seabed), build the nine mesocoms (insert the armatures around the bag, prepare the roofs, buoys,…), deploy the mesocosms on site (just in front of the Stareso station) and manipulate the carbonate chemistry (we’ll explain later how we do it). So many things to do but it will be nice moment!!

Pictures of the mesocosms and the Stareso station will come soon!